Sunday, June 30, 2013


We are ALL Obama and he is us. 
Enthusiasm, hope and thirst for freedom didn't start with Obama and doesn't end when he leaves office. 
It's in us. It was always there but was buried under GOP distraction, recession and national catastrophe. 

Obama gave us back our National Pride.  Obama reminded us of our responsibility to and in the world.  He gave us class, dignity, elegance and humor.  Obama and Michelle brought intimacy, elegance and quiet grace to the White House.  Their family is our family, complete with Bo, the lovable, snugly dog. 
The Obamas are all of us and we are them.  WE are what America is about-  not politics, infighting, power struggles.  These things are tearing us apart and tearing at our memories of what we should be - where we SHOULD AND COULD BE NOW
Americans are patriots - we love our family, our towns, our country. 
Americans are compassionate-  we NEVER have so little or are too busy to help the less fortunate, elderly or abused. 
Americans are cheerful and positive - we KEEP THE SUNNY SIDE UP -  negativity and constant attacks is UN-AMERICAN because it is UN-CIVIL. 
Americans are CIVIL.  We honor our parents and mentors, we teach and are taught manners and use them. IF we disagree with someone we remember what Thumper taught us: 'if you can't say something nice, DON'T SAY ANYTHING'    Obama is a GREAT example of this axiom.  I've NEVER heard Obama OR Michelle say anything negative about ANYONE - regardless of how horrible the attacks on them. 
That's Grace. 
The Obamas personify everything that is good and right about America and  American values. 
Let's keep the spirit of Obama if we can't keep him in the White House. 
That's why I say -  I AM OBAMA.  The goodwill and independence that came to America with Obama remains here with US. 
It's up to US now.  WE are Obama's legacy-   let's make him proud  


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